Friday, October 28, 2011

Blue Hot Gossip's 13 Days of Halloween 2011 - Day 11

Day 11

I haven't found much so far in the way of good new podsafe Halloween songs. Fortunately there's plenty of older stuff but it will make it harder to come up with stuff for next year, should I do a show.

At this point I'm thinking that if I do another 13 Days I won't bother with a host but just play music. Having a host means I have to write and record the scripts which takes up time. And I have to justify spending that time and effort.

Although that of course depends upon how much music I can come up with. And since I try to do 13 days then I need 13 good songs to play. Less than that and I'm better off doing just a single show. I could use songs I've already played but I feel that I would just be repeating myself and this year's shows will almost certainly still be available.

I also don't know how much the show would be missed if I didn't do one next year. The download numbers have been okay but nothing near the levels of past years. And I haven't seen any feedback so I don't know how the show is being received. The number of downloads on Mininova has dropped, but that has more to do with the drop in Mininova users. I would use Demonoid or The Pirate Bay but they don't host files like Mininova does and they don't provide stats so I don't know how well the show does. I did use them last year but it didn't seem to make a difference. (Although since I can't get stats from them I have no way of knowing.)

I do hate to drop it but at the same time it doesn't appear to be taking off the way I hoped it would. After three years there will be a total of 39 shows and over 40 songs in those shows. So there's still a good body of work for people to draw from. But I was hoping that there would be more feedback and possibly some blog posts to help bring attention to the show.

But podcasts have past their heyday. They now have to compete with streaming television shows that were made for millions. Fortunately, I have got enough downloads from Mininova, even at a smaller rate, to have made doing the show worthwhile. Although as I have always said, whether I do one next year depends first and foremost on whether I can get enough music to do the show. And if I do revive Podcast Ping then a Halloween episode of that show may be sufficient.

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