Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show 10-Where In The World Is Hannah Montana?

This episode is about Hannah Montana. Sort of.

I know it seems like something of a record for this podcast to have three episodes in the same month. This is more or less where I was taking the show, although it will probably take a few more shows to properly establish the formula. I would like the talking segments to be longer, although that could reduce the number of episodes.

You'll also notice I've added a commercial for my new toy business at I'll most likely shorten and make it part of the intro. If it proves successful at drawing business then it will make a weekly or bi-monthly show worthwhile. Although I've had ideas for other podcasts and I may do them on a weekly rotation of Blue Hot Gossip, Podcast Ping and whatever else I come up with. Of course if the advertizing approach doesn't work I'll probably just put them out every month or two.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show 9

In this episode, Walt and Charlie try to tell a joke.

I've redone the intro as part of a change in the structure of the podcast. The next episode will be more of what I want the podcast to be, although I would also like to make it longer. I'm still separating the voices but I can't say if I will keep it up. As I extend the length of the speaking parts it will extend the amount of editing work. It's not that difficult, but I have to adjust the voices whenever one of the two speak.

It's not that bad for five or ten minutes of speech, but if it goes half-an-hour that can amount to a fair amount of time and work. I'm getting better at doing the voices and switching between them so separation might not always be necissary, although though it does add to the audio experience.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show 8

In this episode the characters find out their names. I know that sounds odd, but listend to the episode and you'll hear the reason.

I have an idea for where to take the show but it will take one or two more shows to get there. I've already written the script for the next show.

I've again separated out the voices into left, middle and right to make them easier to distinguish. When jumping between voices it can be difficult to get the voices right.
Because I spent time with more editing, and because I'd like to do longer scripts and still produce Podcast Ping, I'll probably only be doing a couple a month. Although with Podcast Ping every month or two I'll still be doing two or three podcast episodes a month. This doesn't include the voice synthisis audio feed of my blog which is produced through Odiogo. That can be found at .