Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show 8

In this episode the characters find out their names. I know that sounds odd, but listend to the episode and you'll hear the reason.

I have an idea for where to take the show but it will take one or two more shows to get there. I've already written the script for the next show.

I've again separated out the voices into left, middle and right to make them easier to distinguish. When jumping between voices it can be difficult to get the voices right.
Because I spent time with more editing, and because I'd like to do longer scripts and still produce Podcast Ping, I'll probably only be doing a couple a month. Although with Podcast Ping every month or two I'll still be doing two or three podcast episodes a month. This doesn't include the voice synthisis audio feed of my blog which is produced through Odiogo. That can be found at .

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