Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show 10-Where In The World Is Hannah Montana?

This episode is about Hannah Montana. Sort of.

I know it seems like something of a record for this podcast to have three episodes in the same month. This is more or less where I was taking the show, although it will probably take a few more shows to properly establish the formula. I would like the talking segments to be longer, although that could reduce the number of episodes.

You'll also notice I've added a commercial for my new toy business at I'll most likely shorten and make it part of the intro. If it proves successful at drawing business then it will make a weekly or bi-monthly show worthwhile. Although I've had ideas for other podcasts and I may do them on a weekly rotation of Blue Hot Gossip, Podcast Ping and whatever else I come up with. Of course if the advertizing approach doesn't work I'll probably just put them out every month or two.

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