Friday, July 3, 2009

The Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show 11 - Presidential Smackdown.

This time the guys debate politics--in their own way.

I've been slow getting this out since I've been busy lately with all sorts of other things. I would also like to do a Christmas Calendar for Podcast Ping, which means I'll probably have to get started on it sometime in the next couple months to have it ready in time. Putting it together won't be much trouble but I'll have to write at least 24 Christmas poems, and that can take time to come up with. Then there's the recording and the selection of music.

As such I can't say how many more I can get done of these this year, as they tend to be more involved than the Podcast Ping episodes. The writing takes time, the recording takes some time (since I'm doing different voices), and the editing takes time since I'm "stereoizing" the voices. Even the end credits take time since I'm mixing them in with the music. I am considering expanding the show next year, but that would require and depend upon making it more of a proper production.

But the show isn't dead or fading, it's just at this point it might be difficult to get even one a month done.

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