Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show 17

A little late but here it is:

It's been a little while since the last regular episode. I did take a break for a couple months but as I was going to get back to it I caught a cold which lasted about a month. And as I was getting over that one, I got hit with another one that took a month to recover from. They weren't bad colds, but they made it difficult to do voices. This episode isn't the one I was initially planning on doing (the one for Count Cordova mentioned previously), but I just wanted to get one out. I've got a general idea and some music for the next few episodes, so they shouldn't take as long to come out.

I've also passed the million download mark for all my podcasts collectively, most of it being from Podcast Ping, and the vast majority of it from torrentcasting. Podcast Ping has been around longer and has more episodes, although this podcast does much better on a per episode basis. Blue Hot Gossip does have the highest download for a single episode at over 57,000 downloads. The least downloaded episode of Blue Hot Gossip, excluding today's, has over 3,700 downloads. The average is about 17,000 downloads per episode.