Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blue Hot Gossip's 13 Days of Halloween 2011 - Day 8

Day 8


I've been spending most of the day cleaning up and organizing files my computer but I did get a script written for the final episode. I did have to get rid of part of a line that I liked but it was keeping the flow of conversation from moving. I'm a bit busy this week but it should only take me about an hour to record and edit the episode together. And I've got until Sunday to do it, so if I have to I can work on it on the weekend.

Usually about this time I start to get tired of the monotony of the posting, but I've just been so busy these past couple weeks I haven't had a chance. In previous years I would have all the episodes finished by the start of October but I just couldn't get myself motivated to work on it early. I think it was the selection of music that held me back. In previous years I only used one song a day but this year I decided to use three and I had to find and select enough music for each day. I couldn't start on the scripts until I had that worked out.

As for next year it will be hard to avoid reusing all the same music again. I'm thinking more about just having one or two shows filled with Halloween music rather than posting for 13 days. But that's likely to be based upon whether I decide to do other podcasting or not. At the very least I'm likely to have one show with some or all new music. And by "new" I mean music I haven't used before. Many artist wait until October to release their Halloween music so it's hard to get it in the show when I need to prepare the shows early.

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