Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blue Hot Gossip's 13 Days of Halloween 2011 - Day 2

Day 2

I've been busy these past couple days so I don't have the time or energy to write much. I've got up to episode 8 recorded and only up to episode 3 edited and ready to post so I'll have to try and get some more work done tomorrow.

Initially I was just going to have one new song in each posting but I realized there might be a lot of older stuff that people haven't heard and the episodes were a little short so I decided to add another song. But since I was making the episodes two songs long I decided I might as well put three songs in each. And many may not have heard listened to those song since last year. That allows me to repost many of the songs I've played in the past. But there's still plenty of new music in the episodes as well.

The themes really came about as I was sorting out what songs to put in each show. I hadn't initially planned on themes but I found that I had many songs that would fit into groups. Since I chose to go with themes many days may have all older music while some might have a couple new ones.

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