Monday, October 18, 2010

Blue Hot Gossip's 13 Days of Halloween - Day 01

Day 1 of Blue Hot Gossip's 13 Days of Halloween.

For the next 13 Days from now until Halloween I will be releasing an episode a day. As I did previously I'm inclined to post them the night before.

For those who haven't listened to The Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show before, you can find it at The story presented this year uses characters from that show. While the episodes of the show are meant to be independent of each other, it helps to have some familiarity with the show. The first five episodes are loosely structured and are just a collection of short vocal skits with music intermixed. It was about episode six that I got into the current format which was setup by the last skit of episode five. But they're all worth listening to and with less than 20 episodes it doesn't take long to catch up.

While I did this on Podcast Ping last year, I thought I'd do the 13 Days of Halloween on Blue Hot Gossip this year for a few reasons. For one thing, the main character is a Blue Hot Gossip character so it seemed more suitable. I'm also using comedy music and I decided to do a story this year which uses the Blue Hot Gossip characters and setting. Blue Hot Gossip has also been the only podcast I've been doing this year. So it just seemed much more appropriate.

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