Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show 19

The boys take to the sea--and get taken.

I've been meaning to do an episode without music for a while. It's not really any less work, in fact it was probably a bit more. I played with the editing a little to adjust for the movement of the characters and added a bit of background sound.

I've already started working on the scripts for the 13 Days of Halloween. I wanted to get episode 19 in because it sets up the story for the 13 Days. Since I expect to be spending the next while working on the Halloween episodes I probably won't be getting another podcast out until then, although I did want to get this one out. Although depending upon how things go, I might just squeeze one in. I do have an idea for one, it's all a matter of whether I find the time.

Last year I did The 13 Days as Podcast Ping episodes but this year I'll be doing them as Blue Hot Gossip episodes. They seem more suited to this show than Podcast Ping. And I haven't dropped Podcast Ping, it's just that I never found the time to work on it this year. I was going to do an audio book but I couldn't decide on the story. And unless I'm ready to do at least an episode a month for it, if not one a week, I'm better off just leaving it as it is.

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