Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show 16 - Twilight of the New Moon

This show is a little different. It's mainly just music.

I figured it's about time to get back to these but I'm getting over a cold and my voice isn't quite up to it. So I decided to just do a mainly music show. It's probably just as well because the next one I planned to do would probably have little to no music in it. I really would like to do reasonably long episode with just the characters talking. But I've still to write a script for it.

I've also been looking at material to present on Podcast Ping. I would like to start with a few short stories before getting into a proper audio book. I have one short story which I think I'll use, and I have a number of others I could use.

Although based upon how things are going so far this year I may not get around to a proper audio book until next year. I do plan on doing another 13 Days of Halloween this year, although I'll release them as Blue Hot Gossip episodes, but I'm likely to start working on them in August. So I may not have the time to get into a podiobook until next year. But since I don't plan on doing a Christmas calendar again this year, even though I will probably do a Christmas episode for Blue Hot Gossip, I won't be taking a long break after Christmas and I should be able to start into a podio book early next year, if I wait that long.

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