Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show 15 - 2 Year Anniversary

This show celebrates the second anniversary of the Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show.

Although Blue Hot Gossip really started about a month before with The Gossip News, this anniversary is for the comedy show which has pretty much taken over. I didn't bother with the first anniversary because at the time I only had about six episode done and I wasn't certain that I would be continuing the podcast.

I didn't plan on putting five songs into this episode. I initially wrote the script to allow for three songs but after recording it I realized it would be better to allow for the additional breaks. Although the script really worked out to about the same size. It just came out as shorter segments.

I was thinking the anniversary was in February, but that was more for the restructuring of the show. Most of the work on the show I've done in the past year. After the marathon last year I was going to take January off from podcasting but I wanted to get the show out on it's actual anniversary. However, I probably won't do one for February and March will have to wait and see.

I would like to get more comedy into the show and it takes time and inspiration to write scripts. The availability of decent comedy music also limits the show to a monthly show at most. Without The FuMP I probably wouldn't have even continued the show past the first year, although I really want to expand beyond just that source.

You'll also notice that I removed the Podcast Pickle player from the website. I did it when I thought that Podcast Pickle would be completely shutting down. Depending upon how things go with the site I may add it or another player back, although I don't know if anyone actually uses it.

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