Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Blue Hot Gossip Comedy Show 22

After a long delay, here's episode 22.

This will probably be the last episode of the podcast, at least for a while. It's been hard enough to get around to doing it with all the other things I need to work on, and many of those take more priority. I also have another podcast I'd like to work on, however it could be some time before I start on it.

This seems like just the right time to wrap the show up. I've take the Count Cordova/ Francis storyline just about as far as I can. And I'm ending the episode in a way that would allow me to either continue with the format of the three hosts or to do the show more like I did for the first five. So if I do continue with the podcast I can do so with a fresh start.

It's sort of interesting how the airplane motif works into the show. The Count Cordova storyline started with a plane crash and (sort of) wraps up with the boys traveling home on one. The first song of the first episode was "At The Airport" which also related to planes.

The airplane motif relates well to the podcast because I've always felt I've been trying to get it off the ground. I would like to have been able to do it weekly but just found it took too much work as well as it being difficult to come up with enough good suitable music. In fact I'm a bit amazed at even getting 22 episodes out of it, or 35 if you include the Halloween specials. And likely because the episodes haven't been so regular it's been difficult to really draw much of an audience (aside from the torrentcast).

So rather than just coming up with one every few months I thought I'd give it a proper ending, or at least do a show that would work as a proper ending. But like season finales it also leaves it open to further shows should I decide to do them.

As for other podcasts I'll have to wait and see. I do want to get into a new one but I'm a bit busy right now. And I don't want to get into a new one unless I can be sure I can do it weekly. The big problem is that right now I can't afford to work on anything that isn't going to generate revenue. And podcasting tends to be non-profit. I could afford to do one or two a month but not weekly as I would like so it's best for now just to hold off.

But I'm not quitting podcasting, just taking a break from it for now. I have been blogging a bit more lately. My blog, The Best Blog In The Unknown Universe, can be found at .

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